Intro to Permaculture

What is permaculture? What is it to practice permaculture? How does it lead to positive outcomes?

The way I’ve been practicing, I’d call it a philosophy. A way of being. I think you can see it most clearly in the choices I’ve made. It is a process. It is the adjacent possible.

What is this world for? Life happens so that life may happen. It’s there for us. It is a power on a grand scale. How do we tap in to that power when we’ve been so disconnected from it?

That’s permaculture. It is to that which I am a guide.

We sit under the shade of a tree and watch the wind whip the grass. We see where water has rushed past in previous storms. A cardinal, a woodpecker, a nuthatch appear and disappear above. A rabbit peaks out from under a shrub.

Idyllic no? But it is the truth. If you listen hard enough, long enough, you’ll hear what the adjacent possible might be. What would be welcomed. How you could be welcomed.

If you can put your energy behind that, what would happen?

What stands in our way? Nothing but ourselves. We just have to start.

I hope I can help you take those first steps:

Introductory Permaculture

Rocket Stove Workshop 2020

Portable rocket from back in the old days

It’s always tricky to find the right situations in which you get to play with rocket stoves. Symbiosis Ranch, in Mt Pleasant, MI, is going to be that right such situation. This June we’ll be installing a batch box design in their Aircrete Dome. I’ll be teaching a 2-day workshop , June 27 & 28, 9am – 5pm(?) each day, all for $199. Registration coming soon at, or call (989)506-0057 to save your spot.

GLPDC Podcast #5

A new podcast is out. This time we’re talking about plant families. Rhonda was away at the Tracker School (I think), so we kept on going without her. It was shorter than we were shooting for but that’s OK, I think

I’m very interested to see where we’ll be as the podcast matures. We’re getting used to it, developing a rhythm. Getting better every time.

GLPDC Podcast

A podcast, you say! Yes, with William Faith and Rhonda Baird. Much potential there. I sense that we have the ability to take permaculture somewhere with this.

Certainly this is a new environment for us, as permaculturists we’re going to start with a little observation and interaction. The potential I see is that it is giving us the opportunity to move our own permaculture forward. That’s where it’s most exciting!

Check it out!

How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen

Another book, this time from my childhood. How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen, by Russel Hoban and Illustrated by Quentin Blake. Very British, a boy who likes to fool around tries to avoid mutton and cabbage sog and reading off pages of the nautical almanac. I read it to my kids, you should read it to yours.