Permaculture Design

Permaculture is relationship. Relationship to a place, it’s people, into the future. Permaculture design for hire doesn’t inherently contain that relationship, I want to ensure that it does.

I’m interested in getting to know this place I live, broadly speaking Washtenaw County in the state of Michigan. I’m interested in knowing it’s people and the authentic lives they can create for themselves. I’m interested in starting that relationship in a way meets the needs of all involved. If It’d be helpful to start in a more formal, traditional way here are some ways to do that. However, it is highly encouraged that you pick your own price. Based on what you can really afford, what work is being put into it is really worth, and your need. Additionally, I’m less interested in any particular transaction then how we can establish a relationship that is mutually beneficial and naturally leads into the future.

example-designReally, the relationship is the thing that I am after. To get started it’s best to talk things out, call Milton at 773.789.8887 or email him at .

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