Permaculture Design

aculture is relationship. Relationship to a place, it’s people, into the future. I think the place to start with permaculture design is by asking the question: What is the best, next step to take? Sometimes is exploring the options. Sometimes it’s aligning yourself with what the landscape needs. Other times is just making a plan and getting to work.

In order to facilitate that I’d be willing to offer a number of ways to do so.


Single or repeated one on one’s. 



I work with Three Waters Permaculture to provide various Permaculture Design related courses. 

I’ve also been working with Symbiosis Ranch to do courses. Last year we built a cob oven, this year we’re putting a rocket mass heater in the dome. 


I can come walk your space, we can discover any opportunities, such as:

  • How you can save time, energy, and money
  • Any problems/opportunities that can be addressed
  • Identifying local flora and fauna, inviting them into or out of our landscapes
  • Adding species that support people and the local ecology

Much can be communicated with simple photos and drawings.

It would be nice to have tea and if possible share what makes that place special to you. We would review how things like the permaculture flower and scale of permanence manifest in the landscape. All this would help generate a list of priorities and potential projects. If future collaboration was warranted we could work out the details of what form that would take.

A work session, post permaculture design discovery, might look like:

  • Pre-determined scope of project
  • Meet for a work session ~3-4 hours (depending on timing and tasks)
  • Work together to discover and implement solutions
  • ~$100/visit – though all offers will be considered


Alternately, I would be interested in a permaculture mentorship. This could include:


  • Reading, video, assignments, and discussion
  • A design process
  • Site visits and “draw on design” with photos
  • Clear goals and boundaries
  • Periodic evaluation
  • Flexible rates


There are other possibilities that we could explore, I’m open to whatever meets people’s needs if the above frameworks don’t work. Let’s figure out what will!


A note about the pandemic: the appearance of the virus has both highlighted the need for more permaculture and at the same time increased the difficulty of normal interactions. All services can be either in person or remote to continue to facilitate this important work.


I’m especially interested in getting to know this that place I live, broadly speaking Washtenaw County in the state of Michigan. I’m interested in knowing it’s people and discovering the authentic lives and livlihoods they can create for themselves. I’m interested in doing that through a relationship that both meets needs and solves real problems for those involved.

To get started call Milton at 773.789.8887 or email at .

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