Past Courses

Rocket Stove 2018

An afternoon spent to understand the basics of building a rocket Stove, held by the GLPDC and hosted at Genius Loci Permaculture in Chicago.

Milton assembling rocket stove

Annual Mushroom Log Workshop

Every year the Cooperative at Dawn Farm holds a mushroom log workshop. 

Advanced PDC 2017

Five days over October & November, additional design skills for professionals and community activists. Held by the GLPDC and hosted at The Old Schoolhouse Community Garden in Hillside, IL.

Ann Arbor 2017

A small PDC held on weekends over six months, at The Cooperative at Dawn Farm, taught by Milton Dixon, Bridget O’Brien, and Jesse Tack. Based on the curriculum developed with the Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative.

Chicago PDC 2016

The first PDC in the Chicago city limits. A collaborative effort with GLPDC. This course was held over 6 weekends over 6 months, April to September, at the ICA Greenrise in the Andersonville neighborhood. 

Educators PDC 2015

A 2 year Permaculture Design Course taught by Milton Dixon and Jesse Tack and held at various locations in the Ann Arbor area, including The Cooperative at Dawn Farm and Buhr Park Food Forest.