The Sheeple

Cowboy is the daddy and one of the borrowed sheep.

Well, I’m a shepard now. My flock is small, just three ewes, but I’m also able to borrow three more to make it a larger flock. So far it’s been really satisfying. I head out to check on them once a day, making sure they have enough pasture, set up my next moves, check their water, and make sure they have enough salt.

My draft grazing plan.

I’ve got a draft plan to move them through the food forest at the cooperative. White is where they’ve been. Red is approximate future paddocks. Blue are the alleys that some of the other coop members will be growing in. Yellow arrows are the move paths. It’s not exact but I think I’ve got them covered till November 11.

They’ll be overwintering with Project Mow, then I’ll have them back out again next spring.

On the to do list is an improved shelter (I think I’m going to copy Justin Rhodes sheepshaw), and make sure they have all the free choice minerals they need.

Published by Milton

C. Milton Dixon is an permaculturist, forager, educator, and computer wizard. He is co-manager at the emergent Cooperative at Dawn Farm and teaches with Three Waters Permaculture. You can reach him at or 773.789.8887.

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