Jesse & Milton Talk Community Design – A Conversation On Social Permaculture – (Part 1)

Here’s the first part of a conversation that Jesse Tack and I had early in January at the Ugly Mug Coffee Shop in Ypsilanti, MI.

Jerusalem Artichoke Pickle

Makes one Gallon 

5 lbs. – Jerusalem Artichokes

3 tbs. – Sea Salt 

1/8 c. – Cumin Seeds

Clean and shred (or cut into 1/2 inch cubes) the jerusalem artichokes. Place in a large bowl and mix with sea salt and cumin seeds. Pack into crock or other wide mouthed, non-reactive container, making sure that the top is covered with liquid (add some salt water if necessary). Place a weight, such as a plate with a jar of water on top and then cover with a towel or other cloth to prevent contamination from dust and insects. Allow to sit near room temperature for a week or longer then refrigerate. 

Remember, if you don’t like the way it looks, smells or tastes – don’t eat it! The longer it sits unrefrigerated the more flavorful it will get, up to a point. Then it just becomes a soggy mess. Feel free to add or substitute seeds, spices and vegetables of a similar texture. 


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C. Milton Dixon is an permaculturist, forager, educator, and computer wizard. He is co-manager at the emergent Cooperative at Dawn Farm and teaches with Three Waters Permaculture. You can reach him at or 773.789.8887.

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